Professional Summary

Software Engineer experienced in working with real-world data, building machine learning models, parallel computing, and effectively communicating complex topics to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Ph.D. in Physics University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. in Physics University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. in Physics University of Texas at Arlington

Professional Experience

Coiled Computing

Software Engineer / June 2020 — Present / Remote


Software Engineer / June 2019 — July 2020 / Remote

  • Contributed to and helped maintain projects in the open-source scientific Python ecosystem
  • Worked on consulting projects to help clients leverage open-source tools for data science applications

Support Engineer / Oct 2018 — May 2019 / Remote

  • Collaborated with data scientists and software engineers to scale data analysis workflows on distributed platforms
  • Contributed to open-source libraries in the Python scientific computing ecosystem

Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center

Research Assistant / Jan 2016 — May 2019 / Madison, WI

  • Built a machine learning analysis framework to automate both classification and regression tasks on a 2 TB dataset of comic-ray samples
  • Developed a Python package that implements a Bayesian statistical deconvolution algorithm
  • Implemented a processing pipeline to extract analysis-ready datasets and ensure quality data selections
  • Utilized a high-throughput computing cluster to run workflows consisting of thousands of jobs (developed a Python package for constructing these workflows in a user-friendly way)
  • Engineered a deep learning model to classify images collected from a global network of smart phone cameras with an accuracy of 95%
  • Developed strong written and verbal communication skills working as a member of a large scientific collaboration with hundreds of members

University of Wisconsin High Energy Phenomenology Group

Research Assistant / May 2014 — July 2015 / Madison, WI

  • Translated complex theoretical model predictions into real-world observables
  • Communicated results to scientific community via a publication and conference presentations

University of Texas at Arlington

Undergraduate Research Assistant / May 2010 — May 2013 / Arlington, TX

  • Performed statistical analysis and visualization of data collected in our lab
  • Maintained and further developed research group’s C++ codebase


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Y. Bai, J. Bourbeau, and T. Lin. Dark Matter Searches with a Mono-Z' Jet. JHEP 1506, 205 (2015).